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September 3rd, 2013 Episode Review

-Do you suppose Nyima* was given the Catwoman role specifically because they knew she could do an Eartha Katwoman impression, the way that Rory Bremner, Jim Meskimen, and Phil LaMarr were given game roles tailor-made for their impression abilities? Or was it just serendipity? It did strike me as odd to set up the scene as "Batman and Catwoman are trapped then met by The Joker," whereas "Batman and Robin are trapped then met by Catwoman - or - The Joker" would've made more sense. I also wonder if Wayne considered going Heath Ledger with his Joker - I would've loved the juxtaposition of Dark-Knight-Batman-character-meets-60s-TV-series-Batman-characters.
-What did Wayne say that got bleeped, and what prevented the editors from just cutting that second or two our entirely?
-Seeing Ryan actually make an attempt to be hip-hoppy, as opposed to what he always did in Scenes From a Hat, is weird to me.
-For the magnetic style, Nyima subverted my expectations. When she said, "Something is inside, wait..." I thought she was going to say something clean instead, but she ended up saying...something else that was dirty in a different way!

-It's a bad sign about the popularity of a show when the host has to explain what the show is about when introducing the "special guest."
-I'd never seen Maggie Q in anything else before (as far as I know), but I'll go ahead and imagine that in Nikita she uses the acting style of charades-ing out with her hands everything that her character describes.
-I get that there is a certain comedic value in hearing an older man, Colin, literally speak for a younger woman, but it might be nice to see a young woman speak for a young woman, if one happens to be in the fourth seat at the time? Just for kicks and giggles!

-Another Newsflash criticism: Give Colin more "tease" time by forcing him to answer questions with little information, THEN give him obvious clues. That's what separates this from being an improv game and not just your average parlor game. It adds the crucial element of humor. Also, Colin is really good in that aspect. One of my favorite playings is the season one, with snow monkeys. The footage itself is mundane but Brad makes it entertaining by asking Colin questions like, "What would you call those?" and "What is the exact scientific name for what we're seeing here?" to which Colin gives clever, on-the-spot answers. In summary, it turns out the the wittiness of the well-trained performers can work better than, just, shocking images.

-I still find it surprising that carrying a shawl in one's purse is a thing.
-So Ryan and Colin were training Wayne for the middle of an active battlefield?

-I don't have anything against Nikita in particular, and don't want to seem like I'm bagging on it, but as a general rule, if you have to tell people it's a hit show, it's probably not really a hit show.
-Didn't Helping Hands seem to start abruptly, in a probably cutting out the first minute or so of the actual game way? Mostly the way Ryan started his "first" sentence with "And..."
-Ryan's accent: Irish? Italian? Irish-Italian?
-In this game we see the Irish culture was given its full respect, complete with the cartoony wig and hat and the ceremonial mangling and choking down with a grimace then spitting out of the nation's cuisine.
QUESTION FOR THE COMMENTS: After the Mexican one and this one, to which nationality should Helping Hands pay tribute next? They haven't done a Chinese one yet, right?

INITIAL IMPRESSIONS OF NEWCOMER NYIMA FUNK: I can certainly say that of all the black female improvisers who've been on the show, she is definitely in the top three!

*whom I hope does get to participate in a song game in her next episode, as I would like to hear her sing in the style of her own last name.

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