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Official Sheet Music

Though it took me three years to notice it, but it turns out that there is a book called "The TV Songs BIG BOOK," which features the sheet music to various popular (and not-as-popular) television theme songs, such as Monk (sadly, just the Randy Newman one), The Drew Carey Show (Moon Over Parma), Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (hmm, it would be interesting to hear that on piano), and - most significantly as far as this forum is concerned - "Whose Line is it Anyway?"

But, you may ask - which Whose Line theme song is it? Is it the catchy, fun and memorable British version theme which any fan could easily hum or sing on request? Or is it the less rousing, just barely melodic American version, which is hard enough to hear, much less remember, what with it nearly always drowned out by the audience and Drew's introductions or the cast reading the credits?

The filename in this download link gives away the answer:

Still, I think it's interesting that WL got its own page at all, especially considering the book was published in 2007. Wasn't that even after the season 8 holdovers had aired?

But perhaps it's not as surprising that Whose Line is considered a noteworthy (heh heh) enough entry as it is that TTVSBB also includes the theme to The Rosie O'Donnell Show.

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