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August 20th, 2013 Episode Review


Didn't the previous/first KMK episode have Hats? Good thing they didn't put both in the same episode. That would've been weird. And I wonder how the propspeople decided which hats should go in the Questions With Wigs box and which should go in the Dating Service Video box?
Aisha explains that this game takes place at a family wedding. As opposed to...what? A strangers wedding? A wedding where you invite your friends but not your family? Other than a Las Vegas eloping-style wedding (which wouldn't work for this game anyway) I can't think of what other type of wedding it could be other than one in which family is present!
Checkmark! First Lady Gaga reference!
Funniest line of the game and possibly of the night: Ryan's comment about Wayne looking damn good in his wig. Here's another Wayne Brady Show reference: I'm pretty sure that was the same wig Wayne used in a sketch about a musical news cast. I don't have a YouTube link so you'll just have to take my word for it.


Meta-game thought: Usually the gimmick used is the performer doing something easily but making it look like something impressive. But with Colin doing those bunk bed chin-ups... actually doing that on the sideways scene mat was surely a worthy work-out in itself!
It's too bad no one made any comments on this prison cell having a doorknob-style door.


Oh, Colin and Ryan are playing doctors again. Some of the best stuff in this playing has nothing to do with the bags, like Ryan questioning why two doctors are needed for a birthing, and Wayne milking cows while his tightenings are coming quickeningses. But as I said for the previous episode, I prefer the creative uses. FUNNY: Ryan using a tiny hair clip to remove the baby. NOT AS FUNNY: Ryan and COlin giving Wayne candy and gum and using them as, um, candy and gum.
The creepy hug callback after this game seemed...oddly placed. Why exactly would Wayne need to give Aisha a creepy hug after her emery board explanation? I suspect that bit actually happened after a different game but was just put here because it couldn't have worked in any other episode.


FIRST SCENE: Keegan, yes, I wouldn't want to sit next to someone who asks for the air marshall. It's not something I find particularly funny, but yes, it's true. Colin, as they say on the internet, stahp. Ryan takes a gamble on referencing something that I wouldn't have expected to be remembered however many months it's been since this episode taped. And yes, Keenan, a crying baby would be annoying on an airplane. I agree with a straight face about that. I'm not sure if Ryan's repeated a joke he's made or if I just remember that joke being made once or more on WL SFAH board threads. Wayne wins this round by improving Keegan's bit and by making a funny, original joke about a world's worst airplane passenger that I had never before (I don't mean the farting one).
ICE CREAM SCENE: Speaking of playing Whose Line Online as fans, this is such a go-to scene that I've used it in a round in which I challenged the others to not repeat any jokes that anyone else who's played it had made. Ryan would've been buzzed out. Didn't he make a joke about jock strap ice cream earlier this season or was I just experiencing deja vu? The first time he said it, I though it more weird than funny and just dismissed it, figuring, well, Ryan probably just said the first thing that came to his head. But that he would go out of his way to say it twice in the same season means he must find something really funny about jock strap ice cream! Now are we talking about a fresh unused jock strap or a sweaty worn one? Probably the latter. Which means the joke is about ice cream that tastes of man crotch sweat, in which case, why not just skip the middleman and say "man's crotch sweat?" Also on an internet message board note, though realistically I'm sure it's just a coincidence, I like to think that Colin's "baboon ass" is a nod to former Idiotsite member Monkey Butt, and the old running joke about how you can use the phrase "monkey butt" as a reply to any Scene From a Hat.


I just find it amusing that anyone, especially the son of a Mexican restaurant owner, even if it is his first working day, would need the concept of a burrito explained to them. Then again this is a common theme in Helping Hands, isn't it? "This right here is [a common thing the average person is already familiar with]!"
Silly Ryan, calling maraccas "mariachis!" It's kind of cute.
HASTAG NOTE: The CW sure did splash "#tacoball" on the screen immediately after it was said! I wonder how many people accidentally contributed to this being a potential trending topic by just misspelling #tacobell. Is it weird that I would enjoy eating a taco ball? It wouldn't be all that different from the short, kind-of-round burritos served at Chipotle Mexican Grill.
How often do we see the Ryan-drinks-something-but-(pretends)-it-turns-out-to-be-real-alcohol routine until it's not as amusing? At least this time Ryan had an especially amusing reaction!


Ahhh, two-person credit reading. Refreshing. Think we'll get a one-person-er ever again or am I just asking for too much now?


A considerable amount of fuss was made over this being an episode without a special guest star, which is funny, because it's special for not having anything special about it, since the inclusion of special guest stars aren't that special when they're a regular feature. But it turns out that even without any special guest stars, this new season episode of Whose Line isn't more than mediocre, really. I still don't think the SGSs are the real culprit keeping WL from reaching its potential; it's the dang repetition. And I realize the irony in me and everyone else constantly repeating the same complaint about repetition! But yeah, I can see how this episode would be funny to someone with a passing or no previous familiarity with the show prior, but for the regular fans there was just so much that we've already seen before that I can't think of anything about this one that made it, well, special.

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